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Arthwollipot's Website

Welcome to my website. My name is Andrew, and I will be your host. This site has several sections, accessible via the tabs along the top or by clicking on the images below:


This is a personal blog, not focused on any particular subject. It will serve as a showcase for my photography, as well as an outlet for me to rant and vent on whatever subjects I feel strongly about. This will probably include medieval reenactment, science, skepticism, podcasting, and whatever else I can think of.



I like to keep archives of the roleplaying games I run, as well as ideas, modules, settings and strategy guides that I might write from time to time. This is where you'll find the stories from my Metascape and Pathfinder games, as well as the Strategy Guide I wrote for the boardgame Magic Realm.



Occasionally I exercise what little talent I have in putting together some comics and drawings. Here are some classics. Fair warning: I can't draw for nuts. These are some scribbles that I did quite a long time ago - the visual equivalent of doggerel. I've also recently started on a new project, but you'll just have to click through to see it.


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